Kind Words, Press, Client Feedback

Kind words, Press, Client Feedback

So Grateful

“I truly appreciate the way Michelle communicates with me and the time she invests to get to know what I want out of a session in order to give the best possible set of photographs, something we did not get with previous photographers.

Besides Michelle’s incredible talent, professionalism and humility, I love that she really understands and can capture the joy of 'togetherness' and what it truly means to be a family. Michelle has this amazing ability to connect with her subjects without putting any pressure on any of them. It feels effortless from a client perspective, and that's not easy to achieve! 

She understands light and the surroundings no matter where we are -- and the results are so evident as it is so hard to choose just 5 or 10 photos from the gallery she sends back. I never ever tire of looking at the photos Michelle creates of not just my family, but just all the others she puts online as well. It is NEVER ever boring. I find that variety lacking in many other photographers I've previously contacted.”

Ravini S

Thank You

"For our commercial portrait session, Michelle did an outstanding job finding the right location and the right light for what we had in mind. We very much appreciated her professionalism in the entire process - all done with a smile and a very pragmatic approach to getting the best pictures.

In the past, we have found photographers a bit “abstract” which makes it difficult to grasp what they want, but this was not at all the case with Michelle! Most importantly, she was able to work so well with all of the kids in order to create an atmosphere of trust which at the end resulted in the most amazing pictures for our business!”



“I have been working with Michelle for several years now and love her professional attitude and attention to details. Being able to get both product shots in the studio and lifestyle sessions with a model, using a photographer who is easy to work with has been great.”


I learned so much!

“Before the beginner’s photography course, I struggled with being able to picture the photo before I shot it. Thanks to Michelle’s great examples in class, I was able to “wake up” the photographer in me and discover the beauty around me.”

Hanne L. 


“I was so amazed about the photos Michelle managed to get of our son, considering he was not the most willing person at the time! I so appreciated her patience with him and loved that the session was so relaxed. Michelle so easily seems to capture the moment as they present themselves, with the kids playing in the autumn leaves and sun. Being outdoors was more fun and more relaxed than past sessions we have done in studios. The session definitely went above all of my expectations and I love the photos!”

Yvonne J.


“The challenge with me getting headshots in the past has been finding the time. Michelle was able to quickly slot in a session for me when my calendar allowed. She also took into consideration the industry I am in and tailored the look of the photos accordingly. The result is a variety of photos I can choose from for Linkedin, Facebook, etc, where I look “pro” in all situations.”

Urs M, Managing Director, Paillasse Marketing