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Beginner Photography Course

Beginner Photography Course

Learn to take your camera off automatic mode and use it to its full potential to capture all the everyday adventures of your family and of your life.

You will leave each week with an assignment to do at your own pace, due the following week. Each class will be split between lesson time, and feedback time on assignments.There will also be a field-trip once the technical and compositional foundations have been laid, so that you can get hands-on coaching from me.

The 8 weeks, plus the field trip, will cover:

1) Technical skills, such as how to get your camera off “auto mode” by understanding and using the exposure triangle (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO) and the many other controls that are on your camera. We’ll also talk about light and how to use it to create beautiful photos.

2) Understanding composition and how it affects the feel of your image.

3) Tips and tricks on how to get real, authentic pictures of your families, and ideas on how to engage kids. We will go over a few ideas to help change the way you document your family life, and move beyond taking snapshots to truly capturing the moment.

Cost: CHF 350.-

Minimum of 6 participants, maximum of 10 participants

Location: Photo Studio “Le White Loft” in Vinzel – between Gland and Rolle


EVENING COURSE: 8 to 9:30pm – Starting Monday, SEPTEMBER 25 and running till Monday, NOVEMBER 27 (with a two week break, October 9 and 16). With a Sunday morning photography walk on November 5.


Course outline:

Week 1 – Developing the photographer’s eye

Week 2 – Aperture and taking control of your focus

Week 3 – Shutter speed and taking control of movement

Week 4 – ISO and the exposure triangle

Week 5 -The importance of seeing the light

Week 6 – Composition revisited and lenses

Week 7 -Tips and tricks for working with children, In-camera exposure tools

Week 8 – Equipment, editing, and wrapping it up


What to bring along: Your DSLR camera and any lens you own. Your camera’s manual (very important!) A pen to take notes with.

How to register: Send me an email to request the registration form and payment information, or fill in this form:


The fine print: Payment is due in full one week before class begins. No refund for cancellations less than a week before the course start date. If less than 6 participants sign up, class will be cancelled or rescheduled. The class can be postponed until more participants sign up, if that works for those already signed up.


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