The Monthly Challenge Club to Keep You Clicking!

The Monthly Challenge Club

A fun and positive environment to encourage you to keep practicing, step out of your comfort zone and bring your photography to the next level!

With your yearly membership, you will be given monthly challenges to help you practice and grow in your photography skills. You will receive ongoing critique and support through a closed Facebook group, as well as photography tips.

You can post your best photo each week to the page, or at least one photo a month, due by the 25th of each month. A winner will be selected each month and will receive more in-depth feedback from Michelle Petersen. The winning photo will also be showcased on Michelle Petersen Photography’s Facebook page.

The yearly winner will receive a one hour one-on-one mentoring session with Michelle.

Cost: A yearly membership of CHF 115.-


What’s included:

  • Monthly photography challenge
  • Photography tips
  • Member interaction and ongoing critique/encouragement through the private Facebook page
  • Top three photos each month will get in-depth critique and feedback from Michelle Petersen
  • The photos of the monthly challenge winner will be showcased on the MPP page.
  • The person with the most photos qualified in the top 3 monthly photos by December 31st of each year will win a one hour one-on-one mentoring session with Michelle, either in person or on skype.


For whom?

This group is open to anyone who has a basic understanding of working in semi-automatic or manual modes, and wants to improve by regular practice. This group is not limited to Switzerland as the work and feedback is done online.



  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule, when you have time.
  • Motivation to keep developing your photography skills.
  • Opportunity to learn from the other members and from Michelle Petersen Photography.
  • Connect with others who share your passion.
  • Possibility to be showcased on Michelle Petersen Photography’s Facebook page.
  • Possibility to win a one-hour mentoring session with Michelle, either in person or on skype.


How many photos can be submitted to the group?

Submit at least one photo by the 25th of each month. A maximum of one photo per week can be submitted to group.


Details and fine print: 

A minimum of one photo per month must be submitted by the 25th of each month, in accordance with the theme/challenge of that month. Up to one photo per week can be submitted.  Each photo submission should include the following information: aperture, shutter speed, ISO and focal length used, time of day and some information about the lighting conditions.

The photos must have been taken in the previous six months but it is highly encouraged to take photos during the month for that specific challenge. Group members are encouraged to give constructive feedback to the photos submitted.

Michelle Petersen will evaluate the photos submitted and pick the top three each month for which she will give more in-depth feedback and critique. When evaluating, Michelle Petersen will look at the

  • technical execution: exposure, focus, clarity
  • the use of light
  • composition: arrangements of elements within the frame, image flow and visual balance
  • the impact of the image and the personal style
  • the expression of the theme: how effectively the image represents the theme of the month

The winner of the month will be showcased on Michelle Petersen Photography’s page. On December 31st, the yearly winner will be announced and will win a one-hour mentoring session with Michelle Petersen Photography.

How to register: Send me an email to receive your registration form and payment information. Your membership will start on the Monday following your payment, or fill in this form:

The Fine Print:

The photographer retains the copyright to each photo submission and gives the club permission to post the photograph and the photographer’s name on the group’s private Facebook page, as well as on Michelle Petersen Photography’s Facebook page, website and newsletters. The photographer’s photos may not be downloaded, copied or used by other club members without the photographer’s consent. Michelle Petersen Photography will not sell or transfer images from the monthly challenge to any other party. Members need to be aware that images posted on Facebook are not secure. Michelle Petersen Photography is not responsible for any unauthorized use of the photos.



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