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Welcome! I am so glad you are here. My name is Michelle and I specialize in family portrait sessions, teen  and child photography, and serving entrepreneurs (headshots, product shots, lifestyle shots with models, and more). I am based in the La Cote area in Switzerland and you can find me and my clients in lovely locations between Morges and Versoix, or occasionally further afield.

Like many women, I struggle with how fast time seems to fly by. That's one of the reasons I am in love with photography. It lets me freeze all those beautiful moments that whiz by too fast! And so, when a client tells me, 'I just want to get some portraits taken before he loses those chubby cheeks,' I totally get it. Or, 'I can't believe my girl is about to become a teen!' I get that too. And I expecially get it when someone says, 'I feel aweful -- it's been six years since our last family photo!" 

I will taylor the entire process to your needs and desires -- from our first chats, our pre-session consultation, all the way to having beautiful works of art on your walls and precious memories on your computers, phones, etc. At the session, I typically find good lighting and locations (or create that in the studio), direct my clients into a flattering and relaxed pose, and then get them to interact with me and with one another. And then I watch and I wait... I wait for genuine joy and connection... I wait for the details and unique personalities that make each person beautiful... I wait for meaningful emotions, interactions, and feelings... This, in a photo, is more important to me than the perfect pose. 

I have two daughters, almost teens now, and my passion is taking photos of women, the people they love, the businesses they create. I look forward to capturing the joy and beauty in your life!

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